Played and sung by: Mrs. W.B. Apple
Recorded in Huff, AR 8/27/62

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(Mrs. Apple: "This is 'Old Joe Clark' the way we used to do it. We put a little speed in it like this.
Plays tune on piano.
Dr. Wolf: "Do you know any words?"
Mrs. Apple: "Yes, but I'll have to change the key.")

[The following is vocal only.]

Old Joe Clark dead and gone;
I hope he's gone to rest.
All them gals he used to love--
He loved my gal the best.
Rock, rock, Old Joe Clark.
Rock, rock, I say.
Rock, rock, Old Joe Clark.
I hope he's getting away.

Old Joe Clark, dead and gone;
I hope he's doing well.
I hope he went to Heaven,
But I think he went to . . .
Well, well, Old Joe Clark.
Well, well, I say.
Well, well, Old Joe Clark,
I hope he's getting away.

(Mrs. Apple: "This is an old polka that my Dad used to do a long time ago, and I liked it very much."
Plays polka on piano.
Dr. Wolf: "Jenny Lind Polka.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #533; Brown, Vol. III, #86.

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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