Sung by: Mrs. W.B. Apple
Recorded in Huff, AR 1/1/62

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(Mrs. Apple: “This is another old song, a tongue-twister that we used to sing at parties for young people.”)

“Would you wear red,
My dear old dear?
Would you wear red, Jenk Jenkins?”
“I won’t wear red,
It’s the color of my head.”

Chorus: I’ll buy me a fist faller dist dollar
Sack juice debro finey quo-yo, Jenk Jenkins.
[Note: This last is very fast, and transcribed phonetically as close as I could get it. -N.G.]

“Would you wear green,
My dear old dear?
Would you wear green, Jenk Jenkins?”
“I won’t wear green;
I’m ashamed to be seen.”


“Would you wear brown,
My dear old dear?
Would you wear brown, Jenk Jenkins?”
“I won’t wear brown;
It’s the color of the ground.”


“Would you wear blue,
My dear old dear?
Would you wear blue, Jenk Jenkins?”
“I’ll wear blue;
The color is true.”


(Mrs. Apple: "I was about to forget that one, and I think that's one of my best ones.")

Also found in Randolph, Vol. III, #453, “I’ll Never Wear the Red Any More”; Brown, Vol. III, #69, “Jennie Jenkins.”

All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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