Told by: Jimmy Driftwood
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 4/19/63

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Driftwood: “And he got 'em so far apart that when the old man came out to the field that day, he said, ‘I can’t plow corn. I can’t plant corn like that. Go hook that mule up and get him onto that harrow, and let’s harrow this ground down and lay off these rows again.” Well, Dewey got the harrow and harrowed the ground down, and then he climbed over the fence and that was the last Lloyd saw him for a long, long time. And when he came back, he was a-playing a guitar.

"And I’ll tell you something else about him. Oh, about two or three years ago he went into Kansas City and started taking guitar lessons. And this woman that he’s taking lessons from said, 'It’ll take you a long, long time, son, to learn to play.' And after while he heard of another teacher that taught you a quick method. And he went over and saw this fellow, and about six months after that, he went back to this woman who had told him he’d never learn to play, and she said, 'Dewey, what are you doing?' He said, 'I’m teaching guitar.' Well, you know, she thought it was to his kid or something, and she said, 'How many pupils you got?' And he said, 'Fifty-four.' And that’s a story for you, and that’s a true story."

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