Little Joe
Played by the Blairs
Recorded in Mountain View, AR 4/20/63

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Jimmy Driftwood: “Now we have a guest backstage, and Dr. Hollister, this doctor of folk medicine, is going to introduce the guest. Dr. Hollister.”
Hollister: “We have a real sweet gal here tonight that’s been a lot of help to all of us here. She has helped us, as has most of the press—television and so forth—Ms. Barbara McHenry. You see Barbara on Channel 7 quite frequently. Up in here we have a little trouble picking it up, but Barbara’s show . . . She was very charitable with her time, and she’s very interested in folk music.”
Driftwood: “Say something.”
McHenry: “I want to tell you one thing. The day that Jimmy and Doc made Governor Faubus an honorary member of the Rackensack Folklore Society, I became a member also, and I know I’m much more proud of my card than Governor Faubus is. Thank you very much.”
Driftwood: “Now we have families in the Ozarks who get together about once a week, you know, the cousins . . . What? We have families in the Ozarks who get together occasionally and play a lot, and before I tell you any more about them, I want to tell you that a man called me to him right back here just a minute ago, and he said, ‘I drove hard today, three or four hundred miles—I forgot how far—to see this show, and I still think you ought to charge for it.’ And Mr. Ben Pearson, who we all know here in Stone County, of the Pearson bow and arrow factory over at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, he and his family are sitting here, and he told me a minute ago, he said, “This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to Stone County.’ Well, we’ve got some great people here.
Now. Now we’re going to let one of the family groups come out and sing for you, and these people just sit around; therefore they don’t stand to sing. This is the way they do at home. They sit around and relax and sing. The Blair Family.”
All Songs Recorded by John Quincy Wolf, Jr., unless otherwise noted

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