Lyon College Japanese Newsletter

January 2003                                                                                                                                          No. 1, Vol. 1

I am happy to present the first Japanese newsletter published at Lyon College.  This newsletter includes two articles in English and 24 compositions in Japanese written by the students taking the first semester of Beginning Japanese in fall 2002.

Table of Contents

                My First Experience of Learning Japanese by Kimberly Ruminer                    

On the Japanese Language by Kent Runnells 

わたしはアンディ(I Am Andy) by Andy Shirley  

わたしのまい日(My Every Day) by Kimberly Ruminer  

わたしのまい日(My Everyday) by Laura Lofton 

わたしのまい日(My Everyday Life) by Susie Scanlan 

わたしのまい日(My Everyday) by Buckley Bridges

わたしのまい日(My Everyday) by Michael Day  

わたしのまい日(My Day) by Megan Hicks  

わたしのまい日(My Every Day) by Blake Williams    

わたしのまい日(My Everyday Life) by Miranda Schenebeck  

わたしのまい日(My Everyday Life) Valarie Wylie  

わたしのまい日(My Everyday) by Holly Elliot    

わたしのまい日(Everyday Life) by Kacee Latimar  

わたしのまい日(My Day) by Emily Andersen      

わたしのまい日(My Everyday Life) by Christian Speegle  

わたしのまい日(My Every Day) by Jessica Baker    

わたしのまい日(My Every Day Life) by Ivana Budisin   

わたしのまい日(My Everyday) by Heath Evans  

わたしのせいかつ(My Daily Life) by Sarah Helm  

わたしのがくせいせいかつ(My Life as a Student) by Juan Herrera  

わたしのまい日(My Regular Day) by Michael Kemp 

わたしのまい日(My Day) by Alex Kimball 

わたしのがくせいせいかつ(My Life as a Student) by Kent Runnels 

わたしのまい日(My Every Day) by Jason Self    

   わたしのがくせいせいかつ(My College Student Life) by Nikolay Tzanev

Winners of the Composition Presentation

Held on Dec. 4, 2002  


First place: Ivana Budisin, Juan Herrera, Susie Scanlan

Second place: Sarah Helm, Jason Self, Nikolay Tzanev  

Third place: Alex Kimball, Kimberly Ruminer, Kent Runnells


Certificates and prizes were presented to the winners.

My First Experience of Learning Japanese

Kimberly Ruminer

Learning Japanese was definitely a new experience for me.  I went into this class thinking it would be just as easy to learn as Spanish or English, but I was wrong.  Even though it was difficult, it was fun.  Learning about all the different customs was exciting too.  Through videos that our teacher had made, we got to see a lot of the different festivals and happenings.  New experiences are usually worth the risk, and learning Japanese was no exception.  

On the Japanese Language

Kent Runnells

I have only been studying Japanese for one semester, but I have been interested in Japan and its culture since I was 12 or so.  One of the things that I have come to learn about the Japanese language is how rich with meaning it is.   Whenever a person learns another language it becomes hard for them to grasp the true meaning of the words within that language as they understand their own language.

In Japanese it is slightly different.  There are three writing systems: hiragana, which is used for native Japanese words and names; katakana, which is used for foreign or new words and for foreign names; and kanji, which are Chinese characters that are used in place of other words.  Hiragana and katakana are both derived from Chinese characters. 

The point of this article falls on the meaning of kanji and how it affects the meaning of the Japanese language.  For the most part the reason people never really understand the true meaning of a foreign language is because they are equating words in the foreign language with words in their native language. 

For example, (ji) = time in Japanese.  In Japanese there are two ways to write ji, which is the hiragana representation of it and which is the Kanji representation.  Now, we see the advantage Japanese students have over other language students.  is actually composed of two different kanji: , (nichi) which means sun, and  (tera) which means temple.  So, time in Japanese it really means “sun temple”.  I know what you are thinking, ‘Sun temple means time?’  Well before there were clocks and such, the only way people knew what time it was was by listening to the temple where they would ring the gong every two hours as the sun takes its course.  Thus, Sun + temple = time. 

We will use the days of the week as another example.  Sunday in Japanese is 日曜日 (nichiyoobi).  Here again we see the representation for sun three times.  The last two symbols, 曜日, stand for (day of the week).  The same goes for Monday, 月曜日 (getsuyoobi), means ‘moon.’  Tuesday, 火曜日 (kayoobi), means ‘fire’.  Wednesday, 水曜日 (suiyoobi) means ‘water.’  Thursday, 木曜日 (mokuyoobi), means ‘tree.’  Friday, 金曜日 (kinyoobi), means ‘gold’ or ‘money.’  Finally Saturday, 土曜日 (doyoobi), means (soil).

Now that you know the true meanings of the days of the week I will leave you with one last example.  Japan is 日本 (nihon), which as most people have heard means “land of the rising sun.”  This is close because as we know means sun.  (hon) means ‘base.’  So, Japan means ‘base of the sun’ or land of the rising sun.   

I hope that this article taught you something interesting about the Japanese language.  If so, perhaps it will persuade you to take a Japanese course sometime in the future.

Thank you.










  I am Andy

  Andy Shirley


 How do you do?  I am Andy Shirley.  I am a student at Lyon College.  I am 22 years old.  My major is English.  My brother is 14 years old.

 I get up 8:30 every day.  I watch TV.  I often listen to the tapes.  I eat hamburger at McDonald.  Sometimes I go to a coffee shop.  I don’t drink tea at all. I go to bed at 2 A.M.  I sometimes don’t eat breakfast.  I don’t eat lunch at all.  I don’t watch anime at home.  I study every night.

 I don’t have a TV.  I don’t have a computer, either.  There is not a dog.










My Every Day

Kimberly Ruminer


My name is Kimberly Ruminer.  I go to Lyon College.  I am in the second year.  I am nineteen years old. 

       I get up at 8:00 A.M.  I eat breakfast.  I go to school.  I speak Japanese.  I study politics. 

       At five I go home.  I read books in the library.  I eat dinner at six.  On weekends, I sometimes go to a movie.  Sometimes I listen to music.

            I have a dog.  I have a younger brother in high school.  I have a grandma.  I have a grandpa.  I have a part-time job at a store on Saturday.

            When I went to high school,  I read books.  I slept often.  I listened to music.  I ate hamburgers.










My Everyday

Laura Lofton


     I am a second year student at Lyon College.  I am twenty years old.  My major is psychology.

     At 10 o’clock I get up.  Everyday at 11 o’clock, I read books.  Everyday at 12 o’clock I eat lunch.  I watch television at 1 o’clock.  At 3 o’clock I play tennis.  Sometimes I study psychology.  I don’t go home much.  Every night I listen to music.  At 8 o’clock I speak Japanese.  At 1:00 a.m. I go to sleep. 

     There is not a television in my room.  There is a desk in the room.  There is a computer on the desk.  There is also a clock on the desk.  A chair is next to the desk. 

     I went to Little Rock yesterday.  I took many pictures.  I bought an umbrella. I also bought a bag.  I went to a bookstore, too.










My Everyday Life

Susie Scanlan


  I am a senior at Lyon College.  I am twenty-one years old.  My major is English.

I get up at eight o’clock.  I do not eat breakfast.  I go to school at nine.  At four o’clock I play tennis.  I return home. 

At home I watch TV.  I read books.  I often study.  I go to bed at one o’clock. 

In my dorm room, I have a TV.  I also have desk. I have a dog at home.  I do not have a child.  I do not have a cat.

Yesterday, I got up at eight o’clock.  On Sunday, I watched a movie.  On Saturday, I went to a party.  Saturday, I didn’t study.    On Monday, I went to a club activity. 









My Everyday

Buckley Bridges


 I am a student at Lyon College.  I am a second year student.  I am nineteen years old.  My major is English.

Everyday, I wake up at nine o’clock.  I never eat breakfast.  At eleven o’clock, I go to school.  At lunch, I drink water.  Yesterday, I also drank cola.  At one o’clock, I study Japanese.  My Japanese grades are good.

Usually at four o’clock, I return to my dorm.  I have a Famicon (Nintendo).  I do not have a Playstation.  I have a lot of books on my desk.  At my dorm, I read English books.  Often at the dorm, I watch Television.

Yesterday at five o’clock, I came back to my dorm.  I played Famicon (Nintendo).  I didn’t watch TV.  Usually, there is a show.  Yesterday, there was not a show. 









My Everyday

Michael Day


I am a freshman at Lyon College. I am nineteen years old. I am a science major.

I often wake up at 8:00 a.m.  At 8:30 a.m. I eat breakfast.  At  9:00 A.M. I go to science class.  I talk to my girlfriend, Missy.  I listen to music.  I watch TV.  I drink coffee. I read Japanese in the morning. I return home at 4. I go to sleep at 12:00 a.m.

In my room I have a TV.  I have a VCR.  I have a textbook.  I have a T-shirt.  I have a computer.

On Saturday I went to a party.  Also I went to Conway. I took a lot of pictures on Monday. But I didn’t take many pictures on Tuesday.   On Tuesday I returned home at about 9:00 P.M.









My Day

Megan Hicks


 How do you do?  My name is Megan Hicks.  I’m twenty years old.  I’m a student at Lyon College.  I’m a third year student.  I’m studying my major Biology.

Everyday I get up at five o’clock.  In the morning I read the newspaper.  I eat breakfast at six o’clock.  I go to school at six thirty.  Sometimes I read in the library.  I eat lunch at twelve o’clock.  At two o’clock I go home.  At four o’clock I do my homework.  Usually, at ten o’clock I go to bed.

In my town there is a park.  There is also a bookstore.  In my home there is a picture.  There is also a cat.  In my room there is a desk.

On Monday, I went to the library at one o’clock.  I returned home at three o’clock.  I studied at four o’clock.  I watched television at six o’clock.  I studied at nine o’clock, too.   











My Every Day

Blake Williams


     I am a fourth-year student at Lyon College. I am twenty-one years old. I am a politics major.

     I usually get up at seven o’clock. At eight o’clock, I go to school. There are many students.  I sometimes study Japanese. I do not understand Japanese well.

     I eat lunch at ten o’clock. At college there is a restaurant. I do not drink beer at all.

     I usually return to my place at three o’clock. I have a television at my place. Sometimes I watch TV. I have magazines at my place. Sometimes I read magazines. Now I have a part-time job. I go to sleep at ten o’clock.

            Last week I went to the supermarket. At three o’clock I went. I bought bread. I bought coffee, too. At four o’clock I returned home.










My Everyday Life

Miranda Schenebeck


     I am a fourth year student at Lyon College.  I am 21 years old.  My major is business.

     On the weekends, I go home.  I listen to music. Sometimes I drink alcohol.  I often watch TV.  On Saturday, I sometimes play tennis.

     On Sunday, I return to Lyon College.  I read books. I study in the library.  I go to sleep at 1:00 a.m. In the morning, I get up at 7:00 a.m. 

     At home there is a dog.  There is also my mother and father.  My younger brother is 12 years old. In my dorm, there are books.  There is also a television.

     Yesterday, I went shopping.  I ate at a restaurant.  I took pictures.  I wrote a letter.  I studied in my dorm room.










My Everyday Life

Valarie Wylie


     I am a student at Lyon College.  I am a sophomore.  I am nineteen years old.  My major is art. 

     I often watch TV.  I drink coffee.  I do not eat breakfast at all. 

     I have a TV in my room.  I have a computer.  I also have a VCR.  I have a bicycle at home.  I have a younger sister at home. 

     I listen to tapes.   I often study on Sunday.   I go to bed at 12 o’clock.  I will go to class tomorrow.   I don’t read the newspaper at all.   I sometimes don’t eat breakfast.

     I took many pictures yesterday.  I also went to McDonald’s yesterday.  I went to a party on Saturday.  I bought shoes on Friday.






 わたしはきのう日本ごをべんきょうしました。やさいをたべました。ジーンズをかいました。てがみをかきました。一時 にねました。


My Everyday

Holly Elliott


     I go to Lyon College and it is my fourth year. I am 22 years old. I study psychology.

     I get up at 10 o’clock. I drink coffee.  Then, I go to school.  I go to class.  I eat lunch at one o’clock.  I read Japanese.  I watch videotapes.  Then I go back home at five o’clock.  On Sunday I sleep a lot.

     I studied Japanese yesterday.  I ate vegetables.  I bought jeans.  I wrote a letter.  I went to bed at one o’clock.

     In my dorm room there is a television.  There are magazines, too.  There is not a cat at my house.  There is a VCR at my house.  There is a desk at my house.











Everyday Life

Kacee Latimar


     I am 21 years old. I go to Lyon College.  I am a fourth year student My major is science.

     I get up at 9 o’clock. I drink coffee. I go to class at 11 o’clock. I go to Japanese class at 2 o’clock. I return to my home at 6 o’clock.  I study at 7 o’clock. I watch T.V. at 10 o’clock. I listen to music at 11:30. I go to sleep at 12 o’clock.

     I have a T.V. in my room.  I have a VCR. I have magazines. I have a desk. I have pictures.

     Yesterday, I studied Japanese for 2 hours.  I ate dinner at 5 o’clock. I went to sleep at 12 o’clock. Last week, I studied Japanese for 1 hour. Last week I ate dinner at 6 o’clock.











My Day

Emily Andersen


     I am a second year student at Lyon College.  I am 19 years old.  My major is politics. 

     I wake up at 9 o’clock.  I go to school.  I eat lunch at 12 o’clock.  I study at the library.  I eat dinner at 6 o’clock.  I often drink water at dinner. 

     I do not play sports much.  Sometimes I watch a movie.  I return to my dorm.  I listen to music.  I go to sleep at 2 o’clock.

     I have books at my dorm room.  I have a computer.  I have shoes.  I listen to music.  There are movies, but there is not a television.  There are many pictures.

     I usually watch television.  But I did not on Friday.  On Monday, I watched a movie.  I took pictures yesterday.  I usually go to my part-time job.  But, today I did not go.  I did not go to sleep early on Wednesday.











 My Everyday Life

Christian Speegle


I attend Lyon College.  I am a fourth year student.  My major is Politics.  I get up at 9 o’clock.  I go home at 5 o’clock. Often I study in the library. 

I never watch the television.  I often read magazines.  I don’t listen to tapes.  I don’t play tennis very often.

I eat dinner at 8 o’clock.  I often drink green tea.   I go to bed at 11 o’clock. 

I have a part time job.   I go shopping. I have a date on Friday. 

I have a cat.  I do not have a dog.  I have a test today.  I study. Tomorrow on Monday I have a class.

I studied Japanese yesterday.  I studied politics also.  I ate a lot on Thursday.  I went shopping on Friday.  I bought a hat.   










My Every Day

Jessica Baker


I am a student at Lyon College.  I am a senior.  I am 21 years old.  My major is history.

I get up at nine every day.  I go to a bookstore on Monday.  I speak Japanese at on.  At 2 I study history.  I work at three.  I eat dinner at 5:30.  I often eat hamburgers.  Sometimes I drink sake.  Usually I drink milk.  I also drink Coke.

Sometimes my boyfriend comes.  We listen to music.  Sometimes we go to a restaurant.  I go to bed at 3 A.M. 

There is a TV in my room.  I go back to my dorm room at 6 every day.  Then I play videogames.  I have a cat.  I have a desk in my dorm room.

I went to work at four yesterday.  I sold a lot of liquor.  I drank coffee on Sunday.  I have magazines.  I read magazines while ago.  I have a test on Monday.    Last week I studied Japanese.














My Every Day Life

Ivana Budisin


I am a 4th year student at Lyon College.  I am 22 years old.  My major is History.

I usually get up at 8 o’clock.  I never eat breakfast.  In the mornings I often drink coffee.  I read newspapers (in the mornings).  At nine o’clock I go to college. 

At 12 o’clock I eat lunch.  At 6 o’clock I sometimes go to the bank.  (Also) I eat hamburger at the coffee shop.  I do not drink green tea at all.  Usually I study at the library. 

I return home at 7 o’clock.  Every night I watch TV.  Sometimes I watch a movie.  At 12 o’clock I usually go to sleep.

On weekends I play tennis.  On Saturday I often listen to a tape.  On Sunday I speak Japanese. 

In my room there is a table.  There is no video.  In my room there isn’t a cat.  There is a roommate.    At my home I have a dog. 

Yesterday I came home at around 10 o’clock.  Yesterday I went to the coffee shop.  I drank coffee.

Yesterday I did not study history.  Yesterday I studied literature.  Tomorrow there isn’t a class in history. 










My Everyday

Heath Evans


      I am a sophomore at Lyon College. I am 19 years old. My major is business.

      I usually wake up at 8 o’clock. I never eat breakfast. Last year, I often ate breakfast.  I go to class at 9 o’clock. I also go to class at 10 o’clock. Last week, I didn’t have class at 10. I go to class at 11 o’clock. In class, I study business.

   At 12, I sometimes eat lunch. I eat hamburgers in the cafeteria. My friends are there too. At 2 o’clock, I have Japanese class.  Professor Peek is there. Professor Peek is Japanese.

      At 3 o’clock, I return to my home. I have a television there. I watch TV at 5 o’clock.  I didn’t watch TV yesterday. I also listen to music. At 7 o’clock, I study in the library.  I go to bed at 11 o ’clock.

     I have a dog at home.  Some weekends, I go to my parent’s house. Last weekend, I didn’t go home. 










My  Daily Life

Sarah Helm


            My name is Sarah.  I am a student at Lyon College.  I’m a senior.  I am 21 years old.  My major is business. 

            Everyday I wake up at 8:00.  I hardly ever eat breakfast.  Sometimes I drink coffee.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I go to business class at 10:00.  Tuesday and Thursday I go to  business class at 9:30.  Everyday I go to lunch at about 12:00.  At 1:00 I study Japanese.  I speak Japanese.  I listen to Japanese.  At 2:00 pm I return to my dormitory. 

            There is a computer in my room.  There is a television in my room.  There is a book in my room, too. There is not a bicycle.  There is not a dictionary, either.

            Everyday I read books.  Saturday I ate a hamburger.  Sunday I went to the park.   Monday at 9:00 pm I studied business.  Tuesday at 8:00 pm I watched a movie.  A little while ago I listened to music.  I did not play tennis.  Everyday I watch TV.  Every night I go to bed at midnight.   













My Life as a Student

Juan Herrera


I am a student at Lyon College.  I am a third year student. I am 21 years old. I am majoring in Business.

            Everyday, I get up at 7 o’clock in the morning, but on Saturdays I get up at noon. I go to the cafeteria. I eat breakfast in the cafeteria. Usually I drink juice.

            Everyday at about 8 o’clock I go to the library. Often I read the newspaper. Sometimes, I listen to music. I usually study at the library.

            Everyday at noon I talk to my friends. At about 5 I play tennis. Usually at 12 p.m. I return to my room.

            In my room there is not a T.V.  But there is a computer. There are pictures next to the computer. I do not have a fish in my room, but I have a dog at my house.

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket. I bought meat.   I met  Mr. Kent at the supermarket.  Mr. Kent and I spoke in Japanese language. Later on I went back to the University.

Last year, I returned to my hometown. I met my father, mother and little sister. I took many pictures at home. Next week, I will go to my home town. I will meet my girlfriend. 






  わたしは九時 におきます。たいていあさごはんをたべません。まいにちおんがくをききます。よくまんがをよみます。わたしはえいがをあまりみません。としょかんで日本ごをべんきょうします。 





My Regular Day

Michael Kemp


My name is Michael Kemp.  I am a Lyon College student.  My major is politics.  I am a first year student.  I am 17 years old.

I get up at 9:00.  I usually don’t eat breakfast.  Every day I go to school.  I read Manga every day.  I don’t usually watch many movies.  I study Japanese in the Library.

On Saturday I go to parties.  I play guitar every day.  I don’t do much on Sundays.  However, I usually study some Japanese.  At 11:00 I got to sleep.

In my room I have a television.  I have video games.  I have a window.  I do not have a computer.  I do not have a bathtub.

I go home often.  I like my mother’s cooking.  I do not smoke.  I will never die.

I did not study Japanese yesterday.  I did not study Japanese last week, either. However, I did study on Thursday.  A little while ago I watched TV.  But, I also studied.










My Day

Alex Kimball


How do you do?  I’m Alex Kimball.  I’m a student at Lyon College.  I’m 18 now.   I’m a first year student.  My major is English. 

            I often read manga.  I listen to punk music in my room.  I also listen to Japanese music.  I watch Mobile Suit Gundam.  It is an anime. 

            I get up at 8:00 in the morning.  I seldom eat breakfast.  I usually eat lunch, though.  At 1:00, I go to my Japanese Class.  I go to my literature class at 2:00.  I study Japanese every day.  I usually eat dinner.  I go to my friends’ apartment each night.  Sometimes I go to bed at 10:00, but usually I go to bed at 11:00.  I study in the library on weekends. 

            I have a computer in my room.  I also have many anime videos.  I have a Japanese book.  I don’t have a TV in my room.  At my house, I have lots of toys. 

 I used to have a lizard at home, but I don’t have it anymore.  I used to write a comic, but I don’t anymore.  I have written a book.  I was a singer, but my band broke up.  I was the bass player. 











My Life as a Student

Kent Runnells


            My name is Kent Runnells.  I am a junior at Lyon College.  I am Twenty Years old.  My major is Computer Science.

            Everyday I get up at eight o’clock.  At nine o’clock I go to the college.  In class I listen to the teacher’s lecture.  I eat lunch in the cafeteria at twelve o’clock.  I also talk with my friends.  At 3:30 I return home.  Every night at seven o’clock I study Japanese. 

            Amy is my girlfriend.  Every night she comes to my house.  I watch television with Amy.  Every night I go to bed at midnight. 

            My house is right there next to Lyon College.  There are four students living in my house.  I have a lot of video games in my room.  There is also a computer in my room.  I have a lot of books too. 

Last weekend I returned to my home in Little Rock.  Yesterday I took pictures of trees.  On Monday I went to my part-time job.  On Tuesday I wrote in Japanese.  On Friday I slept for nine hours.  











   My Every Day 

Jason Self


I am a student at Lyon College. I am a fourth year student. My major is science. I am thirty years old.

   I get up at 7 o'clock. I do not eat breakfast. When I was in high school,

I often ate breakfast. I have a dog. The dog eats about 8 o'clock. I go to school at 8 o’clock. I have a car. I did not have a car when I was in high school. I drive my car to school. There is no Japanese class today. There was Japanese class yesterday.

At 11 o’clock I go to work. I do not work on Thursday. I usually do not eat lunch. At 3 o’clock, I go to work.

I return home at 8 o'clock. I have a wife. I have a child. I met my wife at a party at home. I often study at home. I did not study much at home when I was in high school. I sometimes study at school.

I do not watch much television. I eat dinner about 8 o'clock. I do not read books much. I go to bed at 11 o'clock.












My College Student Life

Nikolay Tzanev


I’m a fourth year student at Lyon College. I’m from Bulgaria. I’m 21 years old. My major is Computer Science. I have brothers and sisters. I have a younger sister and a younger brother.

            Everyday I get up at 7:30. I don’t eat breakfast at all. At 9 I go to school. At 10 I often drink Star Bucks coffee. At 12 I eat lunch. Around 2pm I go to my part-time job. At 5 I get back to the college.

            I study every night. But sometimes I watch TV. Often I go to bed at 1am.

            On the weekends I get up at 11:30. I read the newspaper. I often speak with my mother. I don’t study on Saturday. I drink sake.

            In my room there is a computer. There is a desk also. The computer is next to the desk. There is a picture of my dog. The picture is on the desk.

            I was not good when I was a kid. But I was a good student when I was at high school. I was a student at Varna High School. I came to Lyon College four years ago.