Links for Learning Japanese Language


The following is a selection of the many interesting web sites on Japan.  Those listed here were selected for their relevance for students of the Japanese language at Lyon College and the basic informational needs of members of the local community.  If you come across a site that you believe should be added to this list, please send me the address at

Japanese Language

Official website for the textbook Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese used at Lyon College.

Concentration games for Yokoso textbook

Introduction to the Japanese language

Japanese dictionary

Kanji practice

Japanese related projects at Purdue University

Kanji practice with calligraphy

Yokoso Kanji practice

Bingo card maker

Java kanji flash cards

Kanji clinic
How to utilize internet for Japanese language education, a picture gallery of Japan, teaching materials, practice Japanese on-line, and a lot more!
Japanese Language Tutorial System "Reading Tutor" which is available through the Internet.  The Reading Tutorial Toolbox contains four tools:  bilingual dictionary, furigana, vocabulary Level Checker, and Kanji level checker.
Reading text

Say IT in Japanese



Culture/Key pals

Asia Society's ASKASIA web site is tailored to the needs of K-12 educators.  It includes lesson plans and links to many teaching resources.
Asia Society's newest web site which carries current news and updates on Asia.
Images of Japan Web site
Keiko Schneider’s Bookmarks: Japanese language learning tools on web, bookstores and publishers, Japanese newspapers and media, Japanese culture, JET Program
Genealogy about Japan
Information site by the Embassy of Japan
Iwate Handbook on the JET Program
The Japan Information Network (JIN) is operated by the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications with the cooperation of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.




Currency Exchange Rate

Japan Foundation & Language Center


Japan National Tourist Organization