The APPLE Project 

(Accelerated Program of Personalized Learning and Enrichment) 

An Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture for High School Students

Students learned about Japan and its culture through the use of a mixture of Web sources, lectures, films, discussion sessions, hands-on activities, and group presentations.   The class began with an introduction to the Japanese language. Students learned a few basic expressions in Japanese and was introduced to the major cultural and linguistic differences between Japanese and English. Some additional vocabulary and expressions were introduced at appropriate times throughout the summer session.  Then students studied the history of Japan. During this historical overview, special emphasis were placed on the impact on Japanese society of the importation of Confucianism and Buddhism from China.  Students also learned about Japanese culture as reflected in Japanese folktale and other significant literary works.  


Four students made a giant bird using 100+ paper. Students learned Japanese calligraphy, one of the most popular hands-on activities. Apple Taiko group.  They performed so well.