Lyon College, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and be responsible citizens of the world community, has formed a Sustainability Planning Team.  We are investigating and implementing ways to involve students, faculty, and staff in efforts to institutionally and individually engage in stewardship of the environment we share.  Our unique location, rich in resources, makes Lyon a natural when it comes to being environmentally aware, and active in the area of sustainability.


Some things that are already being done on the Lyon campus to focus attention on our relationship with the Earth include: Outdoor Adventures - which encourages using outdoor spaces for recreation and teaching, Recycling Club,  the bike-share program, C.O.B.R.A. - the caving group, a threaded "Environment" discussion group on the campus e-mail system, and  "green" planning in building and maintenance projects.  Dining Services, under contract with Sodexo, pursues purchasing of locally grown food-stuffs where possible, and recycling  and conservation programs specific to the dining hall. 

Our Buildings and Grounds crew, also a Sodexo contract, recycles dry white paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, glass, and used motor oil.  They use "green" cleaning chemicals.  All Sodexo employees are trained to turn off lights when leaving a room.  During school breaks the heat, and hot water heaters are turned down in buildings where feasible.  They are in the process of replacing F40T12 fluorescent bulbs with 32-watt T8 fluorescents, and incandescent bulbs are being replaced with miniature fluorescents.  Also under current investigation are replacing light switches with motion detectors, and drilling a well for grounds irrigation.

We are investigating ways to increase awareness and participation by incrementally changing the culture on campus.  Methods of doing that include formation of more student-led action groups, infusing sustainability concepts in the curricula, converting more paper to digital documents, investigating alternate energy sources, and rewarding actions that promote sustainability.

If you have questions or suggestions, want to become involved, or wish to contribute in some way to the efforts, please contact one of the members of the committee.



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