DATE:            December 17, 2002


TO:                 Faculty and staff colleagues


FROM:           Walter Roettger         


SUBJECT:     Continuation of accreditation


I am pleased to inform you that we have received official notice of continued accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Our next comprehensive evaluation by the Higher Learning Commission is scheduled in ten years.


For your information, the “Report of a Visit to Lyon College” prepared by the evaluation team, my “Response to ‘Report of a Visit to Lyon College’”, and the Commission's new “Statement of Affiliation Status [of Lyon College]” are available to faculty and staff on the College's Web site.  You can access them by following the links below.  The documents will provide a useful guide to action as we anticipate future strategic and operational planning.


In reviewing the “Statement of Affiliation,” you will note that we are required to submit a plan to the Commission for attaining financial stability without an excessive draw on the endowment and to report annually on the implementation of the plan.  As you may know, this plan is under development by our Strategic Planning and Budget Committee.  At our request, the Commission has agreed to move back our due date for submitting the plan to February 28, 2003, so that the Board of Trustees can consider the plan at its regularly scheduled meeting on February 19, 2003.


We will announce the Commission’s action to the wider community following the holidays.  In accordance with Commission policy, however, I would ask that you treat the various documents associated with the reaccreditation process as privileged internal communications.


Let me once again thank Dr. Ed Mosley and Dr. Helen Robbins for their leadership of the Self-Study Steering Committee.  Thanks are due as well to the other members of the Steering Committee and to all colleagues who contributed to the development of the self-study report and to our successful site visit.