Lyon College

Computer Lab Use Policy

The Lyon College academic computer systems are intended for college-authorized educational purposes.

Use of college computers is restricted to :

Students currently enrolled in a class at Lyon College.

Lyon College faculty, staff and their immediate families.    Unaccompanied family members must be 16 years of age or older.

Access to the academic computer systems is a privilege and entails responsibility. Failure to use these systems in a responsible manner may result in revocation of privileges. Computers, terminals, printers, software, manuals and supplies are considered a valuable resource for the college and should be conserved. Users should utilize computing resources as efficiently as possible in order to minimize the impact of their work on others. Priority of access will be granted based on the following (highest priority first):

1. Scheduled classroom use

2. Assigned academic work

3. Other academic work

4. E-Mail

5. Internet browsing

6. "Chatting" over the net with local or remote users

7. Games, local or remote

Commercial use of Lyon College academic computing resources is prohibited.

Lyon College observes and encourages the enforcement of all applicable copyright laws.

The same decorum should be observed in the computer labs as in the library regarding noise and distracting behavior.

Food and drink are not allowed in the computer labs under any circumstances.

Users will be held responsible for equipment and facilities damage resulting from misuse or negligence.

Lyon alumni and students attending other colleges and universities may be granted authorization to use college computer resources. Presentation of proof of alumni status (or a current college ID) and payment of $20 per semester (fall, spring or summer) is required before access is granted. Application can be made at the lab supervisor's office in the Lyon building computer lab.

Groups needing access to computer resources for educational purposes may apply for special authorization at the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.

General guidelines for the use of College computers are listed in the Lyon College Computer Use Policy.