You can scan printed pages using printer/copiers found on campus in
PCLAB, Hoke-McCain, Third Floor Lyon East and West, Alphin
Library, Morrow, Derby Admin office, and the machine in the
Derby Center PC Lab.

These machines scan in black and white ONLY

Just follow these steps:

1) Make sure Main Power is ON


2) Push the SCANNER button on the left side of the printer/copier


3) On the touchscreen, select Student of FacStaff as is appropriate.  Touching one or the other toggles them On or Off.


4) Use the feeder on top (fig. a) or lay your copy on the scanning bed (fig.b). Line up to the arrow in the corner

fig. a

fig. b


5) Press the green START button

If you are not using the document feeder, the scanner will wait 60 seconds for you to place subsequent documents on the platen to scan. Press # when you are through scanning.


6) Press the Delivered Files Status button to check the status

You will then see a list of all the pages the machine has registered as having been scanned


Go to your computer, or one in the lab, and map a network drive to    \\lyonnet\dfs\studentscans$    or    \\lyonnet\dfs\facstaffscans$ to retrieve your digitized documents.  If you are logged onto Citrix you should find your S: drive already mapped.

You can select the Scan Settings option and customize your scan, or re-set to Original Settings  (default) as necessary.  The settings allow you to select the Resolution in DPI (dots per inch), Scan Size, Scan Type (text, text/photo, photo, or grayscale) and also Scan Density.


There is a time-out that takes effect if you hesitate too long between steps, and you may have to re-scan


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