Enabling Japanese Character Input

Follow these steps to set the foreign language capabilities of Windows on the lab computers to accept Japanese characters from the keyboard.


1) First click on the Start button of your local desktop, and then select the Control Panel option from the pop-up window.

2) Select the Date, Time, Languages, and Regional Options link

3) Select the Regional and Language Options link

4) Click the Languages tab from the Regional and Language Options window

5) Click the Details button on the Languages tab screen (Check at this stage to see that the East Asian Languages box is checked.  If it's not, you will either need to contact an administrator, or have Administrator capability enabled on your machine so you can check that box and add Japanese to the list of available Details options)

6) Click Add to add JAPANESE as an Input language and click OK

7) After you Add Japanese from the list it should appear in the Installed Services window

8) Click the Language Bar button to get the options for adding the Language Bar to your Desktop

9) Click Apply and OK to finish up and close the windows