Lyon College Piping Summer School 2011

Piping students of all levels came from Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Lousisana, and Arkansas
to spend a week improving upon their skills, learning new tunes, getting their competition or performance houses
in order and to just have a good time hanging out with other pipers in a beautiful setting.

Instruction was provided by Willie McCallum, Maureen Connor, Jimmy Bell, Elliot Smith, and Kenton Adler

Photos by Wayne Holscott and Kenton Adler

Scottish Heritage Sign Jimmy Bell
Summer School 1 Summer School Beau
SummerSchool A Group sSummer School Mac
Summer School Ladies Summer School Willie & the guys
Summer School beginners Summer School D & E
Summer School C Group Kenton Adler
G, C, & H  Outdoor class 


Willie McCallum Maureen Connor Jimmy Bell
  Elliot Smith   

A Group 
B Group 
 C Group
D & E Group 
F Group