Lyon Pipers in VA


           Bagpipers from Lyon College started off their fall competition this past weekend, winning multiple prizes across a variety of grade levels.  Instructor Jimmy Bell took students Elliot Smith, Avens Ridgeway and Al Fredo Kiffer to The Plains, Virginia for their local highland games.  Surviving two thunderstorms, the pipers dominated the playing field on Saturday. 

Bell, playing in the Professional class, won the Overall Professional Piper of the day award when he received two 1st and two 2nd places finishes in his four events.  Smith, now in his junior year at school, won 1st place in all four of his Grade 1 Amateur events, also taking the Amateur Piper of the Day award.  Ridgeway, a new transfer student from Maine and also a Grade 1 Amateur competitor, was close behind Smith.  At her first piping contest in nearly a year, Avens came out strong, receiving two 2nd and two 3rd places in her four events in Grade 1.  Al Fredo also had a superb day in his Grade 3 contest.  He received a 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finish in his three events.

Congratulations to all competitors and especially Lyon College pipers in Virginia.  The Scottish Heritage Program has a busy September schedule, with a contest in Pennsylvania the weekend of September 10th and with another contest in New Hampshire the weekend of September 17th.