Aug 12, 2008

Well, since everything sort of slows down for the summer (HA!) I thought I would just combine June, July, and August into one entry.  sorry to those who like the standard month-by-month, but every now and again you just need to shake the dust off and do things a little differently.  Roll with it.

In June and July, Jimmy had several judging gigs such as Round Hill, and was out and about to Pittsburgh to teach at the Bluebonnet summer school. He had Cody with him on the road for about two weeks.  Both came back alive, and with no permanent disfiguring marks.  We also held the fourth annual Lyon summer school for piping the last week of June.  It featured the testing for EUSPBA certificates again this year, and also a solo contest on the Saturday that attracted pipers from AR, LA, TN, TX, and GA.  Hi Dave.

In July, The Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge and the Mid-South Piping Society sponsored a solo contest in Baton Rouge, so Nancy, Jimmy and I drove down for that.  Nancy and I are now the proud owners of a big, old Irish Wolfhound puppy named Cuchullain, and he went along for the weekend.  He was quite well-mannered during the long drive, and also during the contest.  He mostly laid around and chewed on sticks.  Sorry about those Sinclairs, Stan.  He didn't know.

First week of August found Jimmy back on the road, this time to Canada for a run at the Gold Medal for Piobaireachd.  He played a lovely tune by all accounts, but was UNaccountably found wanting.  While he was gone, Nancy, John Coates, Gavin Stewart, and myself were invited to join local rockers, Doghouse onstage at the White River Water Carnival to perform "It's A Long Way To The Top" by AC-DC as their grand finale when they opened for Night Ranger.  We did it.  It was a lot of fun, and the audience LOVED it.

Most recently, Jimmy, Nancy, and I drove down to Dallas for another MSPS solo competition arranged with help from our Galveston pal Eddie Selden.  Nancy had a first in Piobarieachd and Slow Air.  I was the sole competitor in Grade II, and still managed to win it. We also held the meeting for our branch of the EUSPBA, and we prepared a list of proposals for the upcoming AGM of the associaition in November, among other business.

School starts up soon.  Bass, Sarah Fendley is already back on campus.  Rumor has it Cody will be back this weekend.  Jimmy has yet another journey to make, to Jackson Hole WY, before we drop back into Lyon College Pipe Band Mode.  We're working on a crackerjack new medley and look forward to welcoming a great crop of incoming freshmen pipers.

For the band - Ken