October  2003

Installment #1

Oct 9

This past weekend saw us hosting the first ever Arkansas Piobaireachd Society meeting. It is hoped that this will become a monthly event, held around the state the first Saturday of each month. The link to the Society can aslo be found on the SHP portion of the Lyon website.

Several players took part in the first meeting, attending both the instructional portion in the morning, and the playing section later on. A fun and informative time was had.

The next meeting will be Saturday November 1st, 2003, in Conway. Directions and times will be posted on the Society portion of the webpage.

We spent Tuesday's practice finalizing the schedule for the remaining part of 2003, and into the beginning of 2004. Preliminary work assignments for a shortened version of our show where handed out, as well as assigning solo players for the various needs during the Lyonfest weekend on October 23-25. This is Fall break, so there will not be a called practice for Thursday night, although I expect a few players to show up and work on solo stuff.

St Louis is this weekend, with several of us going up to try our luck. More as the news comes in.



Installment #2

Oct 13

St Louis games.

Ken Adler spent the weekend in Baltimore at the EUSPBA Executive meeting, turning in the new branch documentation. This should produce concrete results for the Program here at Lyon in fairly short order. I am hoping to sanction the ASF, and through that, have more bands attend the Festival.

Saturday saw a contingent from Lyon attending the St. Louis Games. It was held in a beautiful park right in the city, with a pretty good sized crowd. Dan Vaughn, playing in his first ever competition, came away 3rd out of 7. Very well done indeed. I expect good things for Dan in the future as well. Attititude is on of those intangibles that always pays huge dividends, and Dan certainly has a great one. Young Tristen Dean, again did very well. He was the class of the field in the Novice piobaireachd, coming away with another 1st place. I was the only other member of the group attending, as it was Fall Break, and the bandmembers were taking a well deserved rest from our busy schedule. I was able to come away with a few prizes, and the Open overall.

Lance Dorris is away this Sunday AM to Forrest City, to play at a funeral. We will be going over to Searcy this afternoon for an informational meeting of the Young Scots Club. There are slated to be 25 new students attending the meeting, to learn dancing, piping, and snare drumming. This is the type thing that will enhance the overall quality of the Program in the next few years. There are no adults in the group, but we will be looking to add that to the Young Scots as we progress along.

For Lyon College

Jimmy Bell


Installment #3

Oct 28

The past 2 weeks have been quite busy for myself, as well as the band.

The 18-19 I was able to run home to Florida for a 4 day weekend, and get some stuff done around the house. Never a dull moment when selling a house. The rest of the group had the weekend off, and much deserved indeed. We have been running since August. This amazingly has not affected the GPA of the band members, with a solid midterm well over 3.0. Talented as well as smart, you can't go wrong with this group of young people.

Monday, October 20th saw Dan Vaughn playing a job at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Jonesboro. Dan lives near Jonesboro, so it was a short hop over to the church for the Presbytery meeting held there Monday and Tuesday.

This past weekend we had our Lyonfest. This involves a Founder's Day event as well as a Homecoming for the soccer teams. We were scheduled for a visit from Gen Wesley Clark, but he had to bow out at the last minute. A shame, as it would have been nice to meet him, and hear him speak.

The weekend commenced with a dinner for the outgoing Board of Trustees chairman, Robert Young. This was held up on the hill, with a huge crowd. Very well done indeed. The band played the attendees from the cocktail hour into the big tent for dinner. We then had to scoot out to the talent show, held in Brown Chapel. We opened the show with the whole band, then had dancers, a piping duet, and something a bit different. Ken Adler came up with a piece that involved several of our band members on different instruments. House of the Risisng Sun was well received with Tristen Dean playing the smallpipes, Ken on guitar and vocals, Serge Kuzin on tambourine, Kate Boyd playing triangle, and Mr. Watson doing the washboard. We will have this with the whole band on pipes in future.

Saturday saw the actual Convocation, with various awards. This went without a hitch, and we played the new Lyon College March. We had Steve Moore playing solo for the Ladies soccer team, and the whole band played for the Men's. Time constraints allowed for only a solo piper in the morning.

Sunday was the annual Kirkin' in Brown Chapel. There was as usual, standing room only. We played several different times, with Auld Lang Syne a pleasant finish to the occasion. STB once through and out for the recessional. We received quite a few compliments from the alumni present, as well as the other attendees.

Ken Adler's dad, Lenard, was out from Colorado, and it was nice to see him again. After a nice brunch in Edward's Commons, I attended a meeting of the Scottish Society of the Ozark Region (SSOR). A nice group of people from around the area. I expect to work closely with the group to bring our Scottish heritage to more areas of the state.

And so it continues.....

Jimmy Bell

A P.S. from Ken Adler - Jimmy wouldn't toot his own horn, but he received NUMEROUS congratulatory remarks about the outstanding performance of the band at the various events throughout the weekend.  He worked very hard to have us ready for the event, and it came off looking seamless and polished.  Good show P.M.  And kudos too to the new guys, who were in some cases doing a show like this for the first time.  They were coooool under pressure and did a great job.