November 6, 2007

While preparing for my 11 o’clock class around 10 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 3  I happened upon none other than Jimmy Bell. I was immediately abducted along with Ken Adler and we set out on our journey. Once on our way we were informed that we were going to Birmingham, AL for the weekend to compete in a solo competition that Jimmy was judging. After our arrival we staked a claim at Landry’s Seafood, which was quite excellent. We decided that being abducted wasn’t all that bad.

Competitions began at 10 a.m. Saturday morning with Ken doing quite well in Grade II, and with Nancy and myself in the top ranks in Grade IV that afternoon.

The end of the day began with a most brilliant "Look what I can do" act done by our very own Ken Adler, who decided the asphalt needed some close inspection. Then everyone met back at 7:00 that night for a small concert performed by the judges at the Best Western where we stayed. Patrick Regan entertained those assembled with some jokes in between playing.

Thankfully Ken and I were returned safely to Lyon Sunday afternoon with our all our fingers and toes…and maybe chins too?

For the band,


I'd like to add that Jimmy and I played at an Admissions/Alumni function in Little Rock on Thursday night, the 1st.  It was a really nice affair at Cajun's Wharf.  Great food, and a real good turnout of prospective students and their families, and former students.

As for my endo in Birmingham, I was just trying to demonstrate my bat-skills to Mack.  I proved yet again that I cannot be killed by conventional weapons, such as coolers filled with pop.  I'm lucky I didn't break my neck or lose a couple of teeth.  And luck that Nancy was along to ice the arm and wrap me up in an ace bandage for the ride home.  No more of THAT nonsense for a week or two.  Thank God I had already finished playing, AND that I wasn't holding the Hendersons when I went down.

Jimmy, Nancy, and I are in Pittsburgh next weekend for the Annual General Meeting of the EUSPBA.  Then the weekend of the 16th it's down to Jackson LA for the games there.  Maybe a side trip to Louie's on the Sunday morning.