May 10, 2005

We have just completed the first week of May. Baccalaureate on Friday night, Commencement on Saturday. Lance and the lovely Margaret stopped in to say hello during the week. I'll see them in a couple weeks in Colorado at a competition I'll be judging out there. Lance's family came for the graduation, so it was nice to meet them.

This is both a pleasant and sad time of year. Losing folks you've come to know over the years, but glad they are moving onto a different phase of their lives.

It really does seem like we just got started on the year, but here it is, May. The summer will not disappoint for action, as we have a full slate of solo comps ahead of us, and August will be here before we know it.

We'll do our best to keep this updated on a weekly basis. Work on the summer school progresses, with the brochure getting sent out this week to folks that requested further info. A final list of incoming pipeband students is being prepared. It looks like more than last year, so the ranks continue to fill.

For the pipeband

Jimmy Bell


May 25, 2005

As the month of May comes to a close, we remain active in many states in the region.

Serge Kuzin played for the local Relay for Life on May 13th. He had done this last year, and they requested his return performance.

The local contingent continues to be busy during the summer months. Several of the group have formed up into a grade 5 band that will compete at some of the local contests.

The first annual Scottish Art's Summer School is set well in motion for July. Instructors will be Roddy MacDonald, Chris Hamilton, Tom Foote , and myself. Dates are July 10-15th.

I attended a games in Denver last weekend to judge the piping. Met up with Lance Dorris and Mags Rendina, former students, as well as Neil Gillette, also a former student, and director of the program here for a time.

Kenton and I will be playing the Memorial Service next Monday over at Oaklawn, with the local boy scout troop.

More as the summer unfolds.