JUNE 27, 2005

It's hard to believe June is gone, but it's pretty close to being over.  For me it was sort of blur.  I spent the 7th through the 10th in Las Vegas at an IT conference.  It was difficult to go there, but SOMEONE had to do it.  I'd like to go back sometime with the band.  We'd have a bit of fun no doubt.  I got back to Batesville the night of the 10th about 11:30 and had to get up at 4:00AM to make a trek to Kansas City for the competition there the afternoon of the 11th.

Since we're a college band, and several key members go home for the summer, and since we have a lot of inexperienced players who need some competition time under their belts, we registered a Grade V band called City of Batesville to play the summer games.  I acted as PM, and there was no one else in the group who had ever played in more than one competition before.  For most, it was their first time onto the field.  And we did quite well, finishing third.  We had a great drone sound, and good unison playing.  It was hotter than blazes, and a couple of folks were overblowing a little bit, so chanters weren't quite together.  The drumming showed real promise though, and I think these guys and guys will make for a great band over the next couple of years.

Here are a few photos from the Kansas City Star website

After the contest we loaded the van back up and made the six hour return drive to Batesville.  LONG day.  Jim and I had to dress out again Sunday afternoon and drive down to Forest City to play for the ordination of Liz Lindsey, who is now the pastor of The Rock Presbyterian Church in Imperial MO.  We stopped for a nice bite of supper at the Kelleys in Wynn on the way back.

Jim and I had a sad duty to perform, playing in front of Brown Chapel as family and friends of the much beloved Ed Mosley arrived to pay their respects at the memorial and celebration of his life.  EdMo was the living embodiment of the spirit of Lyon college.  We also lost Jim Mitchum and Fitzhugh Spragins recently.  All were true friends of the band and the college and will be sorely missed.

Most recently, Jim and I struck again in Little Rock.  It was Lyon College Night at the Travelers game in Little Rock and this year both of us went out and played Take Me Out to the Ballgame on top of the dugout during the 7th inning stretch.  Everybody loved it.  The radio announcers were still talking about, "the men in kilts with bagpipes" a good five minutes later when we got down the the main offices and were putting our pipes away.  It's a nice event down there every year, with a picnic for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends of the college.  Burgers, dogs, ice cream, and a nice night of baseball.  It's great.  Below is a photo by Jason Marzewski of Jim and me enjoying some pre-game conversation with Peggy Roettger, wife of the Lyon College president, and son Dan.

Next on the agenda is to get to work on enlarging the program for the ceilidh band.  We'll start rehearsing that tomorrow night and go through the summer.  Lot of good ideas floating about, and we should have a killer good show going this fall in addition to the regular pipe band material.

I've been getting e-mail from The Remarkable Mr. Dean, during his sabbatical in Boise.  He's working the summer as a mail carrier, and will undoubtedly be in excellent shape when he gets back.  He left his Inverness cape here though, and is undoubtedly having to deal with Mother Nature on his own.  I hope he has a spare pith helmet.

For the band,

Kenton Adler

28 June, 2005

The month started off with several very sad funerals of Lyon friends. Peggy Beller, Jim Mitchum, and EdMo aka Ed Mosely. We will certainly miss these wonderful people.

I went to Glasgow Kentucky for a games out there. Met up with an old friend Jim Drury of Nashville. Jim used to play in the Kenmure with me some 30 years ago. He sure looks old, I however, do not *)  Judged some good players as well as bands. Other judges were Sandy Jones, Ed Krintz, Marty Beaton, Patrick Regan (Reeeeeegan), and Bob Meade. A nice place and a nice games.

The following weekend was the Kansas City Games. Raining sideways going up with Danny Vaughn and Travis Wheeler. The following morning the balance of the City of Batesville pipe band drove up. These are a group of beginning pipers and drummers formed up from our local students. First comp for them and they got 3rd out of 6. Very well done for those folks.

Kenton and I did an Installation service for Liz Lindsey in Forrest City the following day. A nice service for Liz's being brought in as a new minister in the Presbyterian church. Liz will be based out of the St. Louis area. Hopefully we'll see her in October when the band is up that way for the competition.

Ray Winder Field is the home of the Arkansas Travelers AA baseball team. Lyon has an alumni function there each summer. This year we played "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch. Well received by the crowd.

On Friday, June 24th I played for the opening of the AAU swim meet. That pool looked very inviting indeed.

We finish off the month with practices continuing and preliminary work on the new concert series for next year. We have a Ceilidh group going full bore, and that, along with the new dances developed by dance instructor Brooke Hollis will offer quite a show for our audiences.

The Scottish Art's Summer School dominates the horizon for next month.

More as it unfolds,

Jimmy Bell