JUNE 19, 2007

Again the month is flying by.  And even with summer here we are still major league busy.  Cody is on campus this month, as is Neil, and both John and Gavin live local so we have most of the pipe corp here and available to practice.  The Boehm twins and Seth are also local which means we have the sides.  Our old friend Patrick Stinson is home for the summer before starting college at the University of Chicago this fall, and he's adding to the drumming.  Allyn is also around and can represent the mid-section.  We also have Gloria continuing to come in for lessons, and we've had several new beginning students over the last couple of weeks.

Jimmy, Nancy, and I all went to Glasgow, KY for their games on June 3.  Jimmy was one of the judges, and Nancy and I competed in Grade IV and II respectively.  I managed a third in the 6/8, but didn't make the prizes in any other events.  Nancy, on the other hand, won both the Piobaireachd and the slow air (with an AGL mark) and was awarded Piper of the Day for her grade.  Outstanding performance.  It's a great games, and a nice setting.  We had a really good time in spite of the thunderstorms that hit during the awards ceremony.  We did get drenched going back to the parking lot, even after waiting out the lightning under cover for half an hour.  Dinner that night back in town with some of the judging crew was filled with good food and good stories.

The following weekend we also went to Greenville SC.  Beautiful country, and a lovely setting there at Furman University.  Jimmy was judging again and had his work cut out for him.  There were a lot of solo competitors, and a lot of bands later in the afternoon.  And it was bloody hot.  Fortunately he was sporting his handsome white straw chapeau and kept cool, as well as looking marvelous.  That's very important.  Neither Nancy nor I were able to pull down any prizes, but we got good score sheets.  I know I played about as well as I am capable of playing.  Just one of those days.  It was a long ride over and back, but worth it.

Jimmy, never satisfied with the regular amount of travel, drove up to Delaware on the 13th to compete that weekend in the United States Piping Foundation Championships on the 16th.  He placed third in the Piobaireachd with The Bells of Perth, and WON the MSR with impressive renditions of  Bonnie Ann, Blair Drummond, and The Cockerel in the Creel twice through.  No mean feat boys and girls.  Below are photos of Jimmy receiving his award, and also pictured with the other Open competitors.


The kilt most certainly has a slimming effect.  And, is that a new sporran?  Sharp!

Meanwhile, Vince is still tearing up the midway with Midlothian.  They won at Chicago last week in spite of a plague of Cicadas.

It's Galveston, TX this weekend for solos.  Another long drive.  But what else have we got to do?

For the band,


June 30, 2007

Further to our adventures out east and up north we attended a solo contest in Galveston, Texas on June 25th. Well attended although VERY humid. As is my usual want, I insisted that the competition be held out of doors. The pipes were especially nice in the humid air as expected. This is no game for wusses.

For the band,



Just for the record, if it hadn't been overcast, people could have been overcome.  But, the porpoises were nice on the ferry ride coming back