July 31, 2007

Baton Rouge, LA was our next stop on the circuit with another MidSouth sponsored event. July in Red Stick is a real pleasure as most of LSU is gone for the summer leaving those great restaurants only half packed. Local support was substantial for this event and much appreciated. Special mention must be made about Miss Nancy Love's efforts in this regard. Thank you Nancy. Winners of both these events can be found on the EUSPBA website.

Further along in July we held our piping summer school. Excellent attendance and a great fun crowd made the school a huge success again this year. Instuctors were Tom Foote on snare and Angus John MacLellan for pipes.

For the band,


Baton Rouge was even HOTTER than Galveston, and NO porpoises.

The summer school was GREAT though.  I will post a bunch of pictures that can be viewed by going to the summer school link from the Scottish Heritage program web pages.