AUG 26, 2005

August has almost gone from the calendar and I'm just now getting a chance to sit and write this. Several piping activities occurred throughout the month with the Welcome Week festivities taking center stage. Tristen, Ken, Neil and myself played throughout the day on Friday, August 19th to welcome the new student's and their parent's to campus. Playing at other various functions that weekend filled up our time.

We had Matriculation on Saturday, August 20th. This is where all the new student's, along with the faculty meet in Brown Chapel to sign the Honor Code and get some much needed information for the coming year. The upper classmen (and women) march the group into the chapel and continue playing till all are seated, and then march back out. Only 15 times through Scotland The Brave this time, according to future lawyer, Justin Edwards. Justin has an interest in keeping these type things in order.

We held an informal practice after lunch, and it went quite well. I am looking forward to a good year for the band.

We had a mini dance camp run by resident instructor Brooke Hollis. This was very well attended, and will become an annual affair. We will add a Dancer's Diary to the webpage to help keep all informed of the dance troupe's activities throughout the year.

More as it unfolds,

Jimmy Bell