AUGUST 27, 2004

Man, August flew past.  Seems like just last week that we marched in the White River Water Carnival parade.  We had a great time, wearing these little stars and stripes plastic bowlers one of the beauty queens was passing out instead of Glengarries.

Those of us living in Batesville and surrounding areas continued band practice throughout the summer and the results are showing now that the students have come back.  We had a practice last night with 18 people on bagpipe, four side drummers, a tenor, and a bass.  And not everyone was there.  BIG sound when everyone was up and running.  Even with just the Grade III pipers playing we sounded huge.  Should be even better when the new chanters get here.

We welcome pipers Neil McCarthy and Luke Frauenthal, and dancer Brooke Hollis into the fold.  "The Doctor", Allyn Dodd is returned to us this year and moved to side drum along with Sister Kate Boyd, Patrick Stinson, and Mr. Travis Wheeler. Patrick McLaurin is a welcome addition back to the pipe corp after a hiatus last year.   They sounded AWESOME last night.  Cute little Haley Skinner is tenor drumming as well as dancing this year. I have such a crush on 3/5 of the drum corp. Nothing against Patrick and Travis, but Mongo straight.   Tristen's back, along with Lance "Love Guns" Dorris, and Leslie Schier.  It's the usual suspects, and no doubt up to our old antics here as things get rolling, so stay tuned.

We have two soccer games to play at tomorrow afternoon, then a concert in Heber Springs tomorrow night.  We play the Presbyterian church service and picnic for Reverend Ford at the park in Jacksonport on Sunday.  Always a good gig because they cook so great.  I luv dem fried pies.

For the band,

Kenton Adler

August 31, 2004

The concert in Heber was really quite pleasant.  The park there has a lovely amphitheater and several hundred people attended the show.  It was cloudy, but the rain held off and we had a nice evening.  There were a few bugs in the show, with some entrance and exit miscues here and there, but overall it went well.  Some nice playing by the band, and by various soloists, and the dancers were a big hit.  Lance and  Tristen played for Brooke, Haley, and Deanna in various combinations interspersed throughout the performance.  Brooke also performed on the harp, introducing Amazing Grace prior to the pipes coming in.  Mr. Danny Vaughn was an audience favorite with a set of lively tunes, and Jim dished up his usual array of pyrotechnical piping which left 'em clamoring for more.

The Sunday morning service went off well too, as always.  We played the opening, and then played Amazing Grace, and joined in singing some hymns selected on the fly by members of the congregation throughout the rest of the service.  I did the offeratory on smallpipe, and we closed the service as a band.  Once again the picnic lunch prepared by the congregation members was outstanding, and well received by all.

For the band,