Contributed by: Penny Greene

Oh, I wonder if God up in heaven
Knows what this stranger has done.

[Picking up where your website left off:]

I stopped at a farmhouse last summer,
Where they told me my darling had died,
They showed me a spot in churchyard,
Where I fell to my knees and there I cried.

Every since then I’ve been roaming,
I’ve searched for my boy far and wide,
And I know that some day I will find him,
And have him once more by my side.

Now this stranger said barns aren’t for sleeping,
But Sir if you’ll please step inside,
I think I have something to show you,
And his eyes seemed to glow with surprise.

He led me inside to a chamber,
Where a young lad was sleeping that night,
He said he was left here by your stranger,
I knew he was yours at first sight.

Now I know there’s a God up in Heaven,
All my life I’ve been taught to believe,
And I know that he’ll give to that scoundrel,
The doom that man ought to receive. . . .


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