Contributed by: Michael Cutbirth

Draw near, young men, and learn from me
This sad and mournful history,
And may ye ne’er forgetful be
Of these long days that I tell to thee.
Before I’d reached my sixteenth year
My father and my mother dear
Were both laid in their silent grave
By the kind hand their be feelings gave.

Beneath my uncle’s friendly roof
From want and danger and aloof
For nine long years I was kindly served.
Their good advice I often heard,
But me being thoughtless, young and gay,
I often broke the Sabbath day.
In wickedness I took delight;
I often did what was not right.

And when my uncle did me chide,
I turned away dissatisfied
And joined again in wickedness;
Old Satan sighed with eagerness.
I remember very well the day
When from my home I was away
And to my long distressed life,
I took to me myself a wife.

She was as good and kind to me
As any woman ought to be,
And to her would I no doubt
Had I not met Miss Hattie Stout.
I remember very well the day
Miss Hattie stole my heart away.
It was love for her, attempted still
That did cause me my wife to kill.

It was on one bright and summer night--
All things were quiet and the stars shone bright--
My wife was lying on the bed
When I approached to her and said,
"Here, dear wife, is some medicine
This very day I bought for you,
And I am sure that it will cure you
Of those wild chills, pray take it, do."

She gave to me one tender look
And in her mouth the poison took.
Down by her baby upon the bed
Down to her long last sleep she laid,
Then me in fear of her not being dead ,
My hand upon her throat I laid,
And such a great expression made,
Her soul soon from her body fled.

Then me being filled so full of woe
I cried, "Oh Where and shall I go?
How can I leave this dreadful place,
This world again how can I face?
How can I bring her back to life,
My dearest, loving modest wife?
I’d freely give up all my store
If I had ten thousand pounds or more."

So ye young men be warned by me
And shun all evil company,
And follow the way of righteousness
And God your savior will surely bless.


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