Contributed by: Michael Cutbirth

In lonesome scenes of winter inclined to frost and snow,
Dark clouds around me gathered and the wind did cease to blow,
I went one night my little love, my little love to see,
I asked her to marry. She would not answer me,

The little birds sing sweetly on every bush and vine
My joys would all be double, my love, if you were only mine
The night is almost past, my love. It’s near the break of day
I’m waiting for your answer. Now, love what do you say

Kind Sir, if I must tell you. I choose a single life
I never thought it suitable for me to be your wife
Now take this as your answer and for yourself provide
I have another lover and you must be denied

In the course of three weeks after this maiden’s mind did change
She wrote me a letter saying, Kind Sir, I feel ashamed
I feel that I have slighted you I cannot hear you mourn
Now here is my heart, my love, come claim it as your own

I wrote this maiden an answer. I sent it back in speed
I only once did love you. I loved you, yes indeed
But since, my mind has changed me. I look another way
Some other pretty fair maiden has stolen my heart away
Some other pretty fair damsel more suitable that thee
This world is wide and lonely and you must go your way


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