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Assessing The Mabee-Simpson Library
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Lyon College engages in a comprehensive, systematic, and regular process of assessment to ensure the offering of curricular and cocurricular programs and support services of superior quality in a personalized setting. Accordingly, the Mabee-Simpson Library’s assessment process is designed to support informed decision-making though the collection, storage, and distribution of data on key programmatic and institutional performance indicators related to the achievement of its mission. The assessment process thereby, allows the library to evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes and other objectives as well as to frame institutional actions in accordance with its commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Posted on this page are past assessments of the library.

Freshman/Sophomore Student Survey Results Excel:  Feb 2013



Junior/Senior Student Survey Summary February 2012

Junior/Senior Student Survey Results Excel: February  2012


  • Q1  What is your class at Lyon? 

  • Q2  How frequently do you use the following methods to VISIT or ACCESS the Mabee-Library?

  • Q3  Is the Mabee-Simpson Library open when you need it during periods listed below?

  • Q4  During Evenings and weekends what services do you need in the library?

  • Q5  What resources listed below do you consult and use for completing course assignments and other research?

  • Q6  Please rate your satisfaction with the following as they relate to the library building and space.

  • Q7  Please indicate your satisfaction with the following library services:

  • Q8  Please rate the overall importance of these library resources and services to your coursework:

  • Q9  How satisfied are you with the Mabee-Simpson Library?

  • Q10  What is your major?

  • Q11  Rate the importance of each of the following to your success in coursework and research this year.  Also indicate whether or not you would find library assistance on specific topics helpful.

  • Q12  How useful were each of the following in support of your research and coursework?

  • Q13  Rate the library's contribution to your ability to:


Faculty Survey Results: February 23, 2011

Faculty Survey Summary:  February 23, 2011




Mission Statement of the Mabee-Simpson Library

In support of the mission of Lyon College, the Mabee-Simpson Library provides superior quality resources and services that foster learning, working, and professional development. While many of these resources are accessible through the campus network, many are also available in a comfortable physical facility that encourages freedom of inquiry, social exchanges, and the pursuit of personal growth.  Library services will enrich the intellectual and cultural environment of the College, while promoting and supporting lifelong learning among students, faculty, and staff.


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