Stress Relief

Some number of quick stress relievers:
              (Why bother counting?)*

Have realistic expectations!
Recognize the problem.
Identify cloud shapes.
Schedule relaxation time
Talk with someone you trust.
Learn different ways to say no.
Less texting and Facebook and more "in person" time
Dance whenever you can!
Blow bubbles, play hopscotch, jump rope, color . . . 
Pray, meditate, do Tai Chi Chih
Go to the Tranquility Room in the Morrow Building
Cry or laugh when you feel like it!
Just sit and do nothing--it really is OK!
Study instead of procrastinate!
Play disc golf--even if you're really bad!
Take deep breaths . . . several times a day . . .
Check out the art in Kresge Gallery.
Do something nice for someone else.
Get off campus!
Do something spontaneous.
Take a nap.
Eat one of Brenda's desserts BEFORE your meal!
Pick or buy yourself fresh flowers.
Stay in the present moment.
Let someone do YOU a favor.
Go pet Snowball or other "campus dogs."
Go for a walk or hike.
Hula hoop.
Go for a drive and sing out loud.
Treat yourself to an ice cream or icee.
Work out in the gym.
Play a "real" game rather than an online game, i.e. Uno, Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Yahtzee
Do a Paint by Numbers
Play the guitar, drums, flute, bagpipes . . . whatever instrument you enjoy playing or want to enjoy playing!
Read a book for fun--not class!
Call someone who can make you laugh.
Express yourself creatively.
Face your stress rather than avoid it.
Listen to music.
Just "be."
Swim laps in the pool.
Work a jigsaw puzzle.

*With thanks and credit to Hampden-Sydney College of Academic Success for ideas from the brochure, 101 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress and from a handout entitled "43 quick stress relievers" that is from an unknown source.