Educational programs/talks/resources

Diane is available to present or facilitate educational programs free of charge.  Advance notice is required in order to schedule and prepare for such programs.  She has presented programs in residence halls, for sororities and fraternities and other similar groups on campus.  She has presented on a variety of topics and loves to present on new topics.

Examples of past topics/talks:

Leading a well-balanced life
Virginia Satir's Communication Styles
Date Rape
What does it mean to be a man/woman
Most counseling/wellness related topics, i.e. relaxation methods, eating disorders,
stress, procrastination, etc.
Facilitator for panel presentations

Be sure to allow at least three weeks for Diane to schedule a talk for your group.  She is also open to any issues that are relevant to your particular group and can individualize the talk accordingly.


Dying to be Thin - a video of a program broadcast on public television about eating disorders.

Life after trauma:  What every person should know - A video on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Our Stories by Meredith Messer - Excellent 21 minute video on date rape geared specifically to college students

Perfect Illusions:  Eating disorders and the family - an excellent video narrated by Lauren Hutton that shows several women's stories and struggles with eating disorders.

There are also many pamphlets on a variety of topics outside the Counselor's Office as well as books and journals inside the office.