Online Networking

Thanks to the information age, face-to-face meetings are no longer the only way to build connections. Online social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and various online blogs have given a new face to networking and they can be very useful tools in the expansion of your network.

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With the prevalence of such sites however, more and more employers are using the World Wide Web as a tool to screen potential employees. According to recent research by a social media monitoring company called Reppler, 91% of employers reported using social networking sites to screen candidates at some point in the employment process. Potential job seekers MUST be mindful of the information they post online. The same study showed that 69% of employers reported that they have found content on social networking sites that caused them not to hire the candidate.

Examples include...

  • Posting inappropriate photographs or information

  • Posting content about drinking or drug use

  • Posting insults about previous employers, co-workers, or clients

  • Showing poor communication skills

  • Posting discriminatory comments

  • Lying about qualifications

  • Sharing confidential information from a previous employer

  • What happens when you type your name in on a search engine such as Google? Will potential employers see your business ambitions, talents and experience? Or will they see inappropriate pictures of you from a wild party last weekend? The choice is yours!

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