Welcome to The Raiser's Edge for Windows Support Page For Lyon Users
On this page you will find information for End-Users and Administrators


Reports and/or RE_Mail don't appear to be gathering data.
    1. Make sure you have mapped your F: drive to the Blackbaud Server: F:\\SQLB\REWIN$
        Note: DO NOT substitute any other drive letter other than F.

I can't logon to The Raiser's Edge for Windows.
    1. Make sure your user name is spelled correctly. User names are NOT case sensitive.
    2. Make sure your password is spelled correctly. Passwords ARE case sensitive.

Error Message that you are currently logged onto Raiser's Edge on another machine and you know that is not true.
    1. Call an IS staff member Who's office is in the Lower Library and tell them the error message you are getting.
    2. They will disconnect your Raiser's Edge Session from the server.

Getting Help

How do I use The Raiser's Edge Tutorial?
    You must be mapped to the develop$ drive.

Where can I find Raiser's Edge Manuals?
    *The Raiser's Edge for Windows electronic manuals are under the Help menu in any module.
    *The Raiser's Edge for Windows hard copy manuals are in Ed McClusky's office. Be sure to return them.

How do I reach Raiser's Edge Tech Support?
    Online Support: http://www.blackbaud.com/support/login.asp?Path=/support/default.asp?
        First time users use the Express Login
    Phone Support: 1-800-468-8996
    Site Number: 1935

How do I signup for Raiser's Edge Discussion groups?
    *REUsers Forum: Go to http://reusers.listbot.com
    *RE_Forum: Send and email to listserv@list.blackbaud.com and in the body of the email type ONLY the following information: subscribe re_forum FirstName LastName OrganizationName State/Country

For Administrators

Validating the database
The Raiser's Edge for Windows database needs to be Validated periodically. A weekly validation should be done when no other users are accessing the system during the validation process. To validate the database, open Database Administration module. Click File and choose Validate Database. It is possible to delay validation by click the Delay Start Until box and entering a military time format.

Installing Raiser's Edge for Windows