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Traveling trophies will be presented to the business with the day’s overall winning team as well as the business with the “most spirited” cheering section. Both businesses will keep the trophies until the 2015 competition when they will travel on to the next winners. For the highest scoring team, the trophy is an oversized hanging display of bagpipes on a tartan background (now on display at Centennial Bank’s Main Street branch). For the “most spirited” business, a handmade pewter highland quaich (pronounced ˈkwāḵ) will be presented. The Quaich or “cup of friendship” is traditionally used to offer guests “the cup of welcome”  as well as a farewell or parting drink.

Teams with top three scores will win Visa gift cards:

3rd place: $50 each

2nd place: $100 each

1st place: $150 each


Non-cash prizes also will be awarded for each of the five contests within the Quintathlon. Contestants may be of any age, but most are likely to be adults. Men and women must be represented on each 3-person team. The $30 team entry fee must be paid before Saturday, April 12. A limited number of slots remain. To enter, please contact Gina Garrett at or (870) 307-7557.