United States Piping Foundation Qualifying Contest


The aggregate winners of the Professional and Amateur Grade 1 contests on Saturday will be invited to represent the Arkansas Scottish Festival at the USPF

Full details of the USPF Championship will be posted on their Web Site http://www.uspipingfoundation.org which is presently being updated to reflect the new date, final closing date for entries etc.

Requirements for the regional qualifier are as follows:

Open Piobaireachd - Submit four tunes of your choice, play one selected by the judge.

Open MSR - Submit four sets of tunes, play one MSR selected by the judge.

Amateur Grade 1 - Standard EUSPBA requirements.




1st  - $150     2nd -  $75     3rd - $50    


1st  - $150     2nd -  $75     3rd - $50    



Arkansas Scottish Festival
Lyon College
P. O. Box 2317
Batesville, AR 72503

e-mail: kadler@lyon.edu