Colin Grant-Adams

Colin Grant Adams


Colin Grant-Adams, composer,  Scottish/Celtic Folksinger, Guitarist, originally from Oban Scotland, presents  a program of traditional, contemporary, and nationally acclaimed original folksongs about Scotland’s rugged landscape, “These are My Mountains”, it’s turbulent history, “Ye Jacobites By Name” and the Scottish immigrants' influence on American folk and Bluegrass music, with “Scottish American” and “Kentucky in the Spring Time.”


Audiences have enjoyed Colin Grant-Adams’ performances in the famous folk clubs of Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Europe and across the United States.  Grant-Adams’ brings new life to the traditional tunes and are delivered with a touch of humor, the telling of mystical stories and even a few sing-along songs that leave the crowds asking for more.


Weaving tales of Scotland's turbulent history and haunting beauty with his remarkable ballads, Grant-Adams takes you on a journey across the seas to Scotland and the Islands.


Colin captivates the audience's heart, mind and soul.


Influenced by Norman Blake, Tommy Makem, Eric Bogle and Doc Watson, Grant-Adams has blended these styles and come up with a unique combination. His magical and energetic performance and special tuning of his guitar holds his audiences spellbound with the sound that he gets from his guitar.


His repertoire ranges from the well-known classical songs: “Skye Boat Song,” “Will You Go Lassie Go,” and “Dark Lochnagar”  to the contemporary, and traditional music of Scotland and Ireland to the Bluegrass music of Kentucky, plus his acclaimed original compositions, “Where the Rhododendrons Grow”, “Blood in the Ground”, “Scottish American”, and “The Lone Piper”.


Colin Grant-Adams’ stimulating stage performance, fine guitar work and stirring vocals make him one of the most popular and versatile Scottish Celtic musicians in America today.


Colin has performed all over the United States, including   playing at

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, NC for the last 18yrs., Northwest Pacific Scottish Highland Games (Enumclaw, WA), Stone Mountain Highland Games, GA, Ligonier Highland Games, PA,  San Diego, CA; Sacramento, CA ; Jacksonville FL Highland Games;  Seven Feathers Casino, Canyonville, OR;  The Folklore Society of Greater Washington, DC and The Sylvia Theater, SC. (just to name a few).


Grant-Adams has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, and concerts all over the United States, plus at the acclaimed Carnegie Hall, NYC.


Grant-Adams has produced eleven recordings; Come by the Hills, Glencoe,  Old Friends Across the Sea, Scotland - Land of My Father, Scottish - American, Traditional and Original Songs of Scotland, This Land Called  Scotland, Colin Grant-Adams and His Guitar, A Toast To Scotland, Rubies  and Diamonds and his latest CD, Songs for the Road.