Religion & Philosophy at Lyon College

Guidelines for Case Analysis and Presentation

There are a variety of ways that your team can present your case analysis. You may use a PowerPoint presentation. You may stage a debate. You may create and present a website on the case for the class. You may write out a formal analysis and pass it out to your classmates. You may create a dramatization representing the case and examine it with the class. Feel free to be creative. Whatever approach you take to the case, you need to address the following points:

bulletWhat are the Facts?
bulletWhat are the Ethical Issues?
bulletWho are the Stakeholders?
bulletWhat are the Alternatives?
bulletWhat are the Ethical Arguments for the Alternatives?
bulletHere you want to bring in Utilitarian, Rights, Justice, Care, arguments for and against. In addition, be sure to apply the specific concepts and principles introduced in the chapter in which the case is found.
bulletWhat are the Practical Constraints?
bulletWhat Actions Ought to be Taken?

Be sure to provide handouts for the members of the class that will help them remember your main points.

Presentation/Analysis will be graded on the basis of clarity, comprehensiveness, accuracy, and ability to relate the issues of the company to the ethical concepts covered in the course. There will also be consideration given to the creativity of the presentation and the ability to engage the members of the class.

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