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Social Responsibility Analysis

Final Project


After choosing your topic look over the Social & Environmental Assessment Report from the Ben & Jerry's website at in order to get an idea of what a social responsibility analysis might look like.

What basic kinds of information would be needed in any annual report--things like sales, profits, losses, the competitive environment, the major products and/or services of the company should be mentioned?

As you research your Fortune 500 company, look for ways that ethical issues discussed in our textbook have been raised by the company's various practices (marketing, hiring, governance, etc.), investments, etc. Your analysis should, when appropriate, be related to relevant concepts and discussions from our book and the class.



There are two aspects to this assignment. The first is the oral presentation and the second is the written report. The method of presentation is open: you can use a Powerpoint, images, video (as long as the video is not a major portion of your report), dramatization, etc. The presentations should last 10 minutes. You should think of this as your presentation to the board of the corporation: What would be an appropriate way to dress? What is are the important points that the board members should know? What will encourage the board members to read the written report?

The written report should be in the range of 10-15 pages double-spaced with one inch margins, not including the works cited page. The written report is the explanation and documentation for the presentation. Think of the assignment in these terms: this is the document that the board and stockholders will be reading afterward. It needs to be well-written, clear, organized, and appropriately formal (including detailed and complete citations).

Attendance is required at all presentations.

Below are important considerations that should be taken into account in the writing of the paper. Not accounting for these considerations will adversely affect your grade.

Papers should be submitted as a Word document attached to an e-mail by midnight on May 4, 2018.

Students must document the sources of ideas, paraphrases, and quotes that come from their sources. You must use MLA style to cite sources and create a bibliography or works cited page. Paraphrasing sources should be avoided. It is strongly recommended that students read over the section on plagiarism in the MLA Handbook in order to avoid inadvertent plagiarism. [For on-line help on how to cite sources see]

There is also a very good discussion of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it at  

Special Note: I want parenthetical citations to include relevant page numbers even when you are not quoting.

Other Points Regarding Writing Papers (I suggest you check off each point as you make sure it is completed):


Do not use contractions in formal papers


Do not use "man" and "mankind" when you really mean human or humankind (the only exception to this is when you are quoting someone who uses that language).


Citations should always include page numbers if the source is paginated.


Citations of web sites should be complete and specific--for example, if you are referring to material found at do not put only.


It is not enough simply to list all the works consulted at the end of a paper.  All information and ideas that a student finds from the works consulted must be specificallycited at the point in the paper where that information is included.


A paper that is almost entirely quotes rather than the student's explanation of the ideas in their sources is not appropriate -- that kind of paper is not a paper at all, just an assemblage of quotations.


Each page of your paper, except the title page, should have a page number.


Since your papers are to be turned in electronically, to sign and pledge your papers, you should include your name, your student ID number, and the phrase, "I pledge this assignment"


In my classes, I prefer that you refer to yourself as "I" rather than as "the author of this paper" or "we"


See for words that you should definitely not misspell. 

Presentation/Analysis will be graded on the basis of clarity, comprehensiveness, accuracy, and ability to relate the issues of the company to the ethical concepts covered in the course. There will also be consideration given to the creativity of the presentation and the ability to engage the members of the class.


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