Study Guide for Shinto

To prepare for this exam, look over the "Try It" sections and review questions on the CD.  You should also review class slides (if any), and the glossaries in Educator.

1. What are the Chinese and Japanese names for Shinto and what do they literally mean? What are the difficulties in studying Shinto? Know the stories of Izanagi, Izanami, and Amerterasu.

2. What is the Shinto view of the kami? What is the origin of the kami and the origin of the islands of Japan according to Shinto tradition (know the central sacred story discussed in class)? Who is usually seen as the most important of the kami for Shinto? Why do historians think she emerged as the most important of the kami?

3. In what ways has Shinto been shaped by Confucianism and Buddhism? What interaction has Christianity had with Japanese culture?

4. What is the Meiji Restoration? When did it occur? How did it impact the development of Shinto?

5. What is state Shinto? What is/was the importance of the emperor to state Shinto? How did it impact world events in the 20th century?

6. What is shrine Shinto? Be able to describe some of the features of the Great Shrine of Ise as discussed in class.

7.  What is sect Shinto?  Be able to name at least one major sect. 

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