Religion & Philosophy at Lyon College

Full-time Faculty:

 Dr. Paul Custodio Bube
 curriculum vitae
Dr. Martha Beck
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RPH 110 Old TestamentVestal Virgins

RPH 120 New Testament
RPH 130 Introduction to Christian Theology (Dr. Bube)
RPH 140 Intro. to World Philosophies
RPH 150 World Religions
RPH 201 Western Intellectual Traditions I
RPH 202 Western Intellectual Traditions II
RPH 205 Introduction to Ethics
RPH 305 Aristotle
RPH 305 Plato
RPH 306 Logic
RPH 320 Christian Ethics 
RPH 325 Jesus and the GospelsGolden Pavilion in Kyoto
RPH 329 Early Church
RPH 350 Business & Professional Ethics
RPH 362 Environmental Ethics
RPH 365 Women & the Bible
RPH 480 Advanced Seminar

2009 Nichols Trip to Greece
2004 Nichols Trip to Japan

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