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Nichols Japan Trip -- Days 11-12

Day 11-12 (May 23-24) -- Tokyo and Home

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Our last two days consisted primarily of traveling from Ise to Tokyo and then from Tokyo to the U.S. Of course we did get in a little bit of time for souvenir shopping at the Oriental Bazaar in Harajuku (two train stops from Shinjuku). Two students made it to the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of History and Culture the afternoon of our arrival. The night life of Shinjuku was a dazzling, bustling experience of sights and sounds.

Last trip on the Shinkansen. The public transportation in Japan was fabulous.

"Can you hear me now?" (Photo by JH)

Shinjuku gathers the most diverse crowd I've seen, as well as the most people I've seen in one place at one time. -JH

Cell phones in Tokyo are only outnumered by the night lights. (Photo by JH)

There is an incredible amount of energy here. Many stores have clerks out on the sidewalks with megaphones and loudspeakers shouting to prospective customers to check out their specials. The sidewalks in many places are so packed that it is impossible to pass the person in front of you. People are used to bumping into one another - and very small elderly people are quite adept at pushing their way through crowded train platforms! I am not sure whether I will be relieved to get away from the noise, hustle, and bustle, or whether I will miss it. -PCB

Tired students in the Detroit Airport.

I loved my experience in Japan, but I am ready to go back to the states. -JP

The Japanese people impressed and amazed me; I hope someday after I've seen the rest of the world I'll return and experience the wonderful Japanese hospitality again. -MR

Parting thoughts that reflected how we all felt:

Japan was a great host for the Nichols Trip. I don't know when I'll be returning to the land of the rising sun, but surely I don't have any reason not to. Japan was awesome. -JH


Thanks to Lyon College and the Nichols family for allowing us this opportunity!

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