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Nichols Japan Trip -- Day 4

Day 4 (May 16) -- Nara

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At Nara, we visited Deer Park where the deer are viewed as the gods' messengers. "As you are walking through, the deer will walk up to you." JP

A rainy approach to the gate of Todaiji.

Todaiji is the largest wooden structure. It is currently only 2/3 its original size. -KR

This temple amazed me; to be a Japanese worshipper and see this structure and its contents must be very significant. -MR

Guardian god at the entrance.

Guardian god at the entrance.

Four wet, but enthusiastic students.

Todaiji housed the largest Buddha cast in Japan and probably the world. It was breathtaking. ... This structure really hit me. It inspired me to know that people have such faith to build an enormous beautiful piece of artwork. -JP

Even the smaller Buddhas inside the temple were massive.

This bronze statue soars 53 ft. high with two smaller statures on each side. Peering up at this Buddha, I wondered how such a huge structure could be made in 749 AD. I am fortunate to see such an amazing piece of history. -MR

The nearby Ni-gatsu-do gave us a great view of spite of the rain. -MR

The 3000 lanterns that surround Kasuga Taisha are incredible when they are not lighted. I cannot imagine the beauty of this complex when the lanterns are lighted. -JH

Juan wonders how they build the shrine to the slope of the land.

Kasuga Taisha [is] the largest shrine in Nara City, which is only 1200 years old. This shrine was very interesting because ... there is a mix of Shinto and Buddhism. -JH

Interior of the shrine. Nearby, couples were meeting with Shinto priests for pre-marriage counseling.

Kofuku-ji's five story pagoda, rebuilt around 1426.

(Photo: JH)

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