Goal 5. Communication Skills - Students will be able to communicate effectively in a variety of formats.

Suggested Learning Outcomes - Students will be able to:
5.1 Demonstrate effective writing skills in various formats (e.g., essays, correspondence, technical papers, note taking) and for various purposes (e.g., informing, defending, explaining, persuading, arguing, teaching).
    a. Demonstrate professional writing conventions (e.g., grammar, audience awareness, formality) appropriate to purpose and context
    b. Use APA style effectively in empirically-based reports, literature reviews, and theoretical papers
5.2 Demonstrate effective oral communication skills in various formats (e.g., group discussion, debate, lecture) and for various purposes (e.g., informing,. defending, explaining, persuading, arguing, teaching).
5.3 Exhibit quantitative literacy.
    a. Apply basic mathematical concepts and operations to support measurement strategies
    b. Use relevant probability and statistical analyses to facilitate interpretation of measurements
    c. Articulate clear and appropriate rationale for choice of information conveyed in charts, tables, figures, and graphs
    d. Interpret quantitative visual aids accurately, including showing vigilance about misuse or misrepresentation of quantitative information
5.4 Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills.
    a. Listen accurately and actively
    b. Use psychological concepts and theory to understand interactions with others
    c. Identify the impact or potential impact of their behaviors on others
    d. Articulate ideas thoughtfully and purposefully
    e. Use appropriately worded questions to improve interpersonal understanding
    f. Attend to nonverbal behavior and evaluate its meaning in the communications context
    g. Adapt communication style to accommodate diverse audiences
    h. Provide constructive feedback to colleagues in oral and written formats
5.5 Exhibit the ability to collaborate effectively.
    a. Work with group to complete projects within reasonable timeframes
    b. Solicit and integrate diverse viewpoints
    c. Manage conflicts appropriately and ethically
    d. Develop relevant workplace skills: mentoring, interviewing, crisis management

Goal 6 - Career Planning and Development