Graduate School Letters of Recommendation

We need the following items to allow us to individualize your letter of recommendation for graduate school . This isnít just so we can brag on you better but also to provide a more informative letter. For example, if there is anything unique or unusual in your history, it can be addressed in your letter. Providing these items, a minimum of two weeks before you need the letter, will insure that we can write you the best letter possible.

____ 1. Resume (list of employment, volunteer work, college and community activities, honors, research experience)

_____ 2. A copy of transcripts or a list of courses taken and cumulative GPA

____ 3. GRE scores

____ 4. A copy of your personal statement, if required by graduate school, or a statement of your goals and how they are relevant to your college and work experiences.

____ 5. For each different letter of recommendation:

____ a. Required forms and/or a list of names and addresses

Don't forget to fill out and sign forms

____ b. Deadline for letter receipt

____ c. Type of program (e.g., clinical, developmental)

____ d. Type of degree (M.A., Ph.D.)