Ongoing Faculty Research

Below is a summary of the research projects that psychology faculty are working on this year. Students who are interested in participating should contact the faculty member directly: 

Dr. Patrick Mulick:  Dr. Mulick is currently conducting studies examining the efficacy of Behavioral Activation in the treatment of a variety of psychiatric disorders, developing assessment measures specifically targeting the behavioral mechanisms of change, examination of prejudice and discrimination of bisexual individuals, and exploring various aspects of sexual coercion.

Dr. Nikki Yonts:  Dr. Yonts’s is currently conducting research examining the effects of problematic videogame playing on behavior. Her upcoming project will examine whether the violence level of the games mediates the negative effects that excessive playing has on adolescents and young adults 

Recent Student Research


Fall 2011 brought the largest class sizes in two courses; PSY 340: Intermediate Research Methods and PSY 485: Senior Thesis. For the first time in the program's history, the students in these classes presented their research projects to the Lyon Community. Below are some of the pictures of that forum:

 PSY 485: Senior Thesis presenters (from Left to Right) Kristan Inman, Tesla Fields, Brianna Forbis, Elizabeth Fuller, Kurtis Platt, Lauren Pyle, Andrew Cox, Brandy Jones, Dr. Nikki Yonts

PSY 340 Presenters with their posters