Psychology Courses at Lyon College

PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                           An overview of the scientific study of behavior, its causes, prediction, and control.

PSY 182 Topics in Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                                    Examination of selected area of psychology research or applied psychology.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 220 Psychology of Women and Gender / 3 Credits                                                                                 A survey of theory and research on the meaning of gender and its impact on the women's development.

PSY 235 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences / 3 Credits                                                                            This course introduces to students to descriptive and inferential techniques for analyzing research data.  Topics covered include central tendency, variability, distributions, Z-scores, analysis of variance, correlation, regression, and nonparametric tests of significance.  Prerequisite: MTH 101.

PSY 240 Introduction to Research Methods / 3 Credits                                                                                    A study of research methods in the behavioral sciences.  Students are introduced to basic design and practical procedures in carrying out research, as well as ethical considerations in gathering data.  Prerequisite: PSY 235.

PSY 290 Human Development / 3 Credits                                                                                                        A study of the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of the individual from birth through adulthood.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 310 Child and Adolescent Development / 3 Credits                                                                             This course examines the development processes from conception through adolescence.  Topics will include physical, cognitive, social, and personality development, from the perspective of the major theories of the field.  In addition, we will focus on cultural and educational issues that arise from the study of the development of children and adolescents.  Prerequisite:  PSY 101.

PSY 318 Biological Psychology /  3 Credits                                                                                                  An examination of the underlying brain mechanisms responsible for behavior.  Topics include research methods used to study the brain, functional organization of the nervous system, properties of neurons, sensory and motor systems, and neural mechanisms related to memory, language, emotion, and intelligence.  Prerequisite:  PSY 101.

PSY 332 History and Systems of Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                  A study of the evolution of modern psychology from its origins in philosophy and natural science to contemporary thought in psychology.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 335 Abnormal Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                                   Examination of the definitions and etiology of major types of psychological disorders from the perspective of several psychological theories.  Attention is given to their diagnosis, assessment, treatment and related ethical conditions.  Prerequisite:  PSY 101.

PSY 336 Social Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                                           A holistic approach to the study of individuals interacting with other individuals and groups within social, psychological, and cultural environments.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 338 Personality Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                                    A study of contemporary research, theory, and assessment in personality.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 339 Learning and Cognition / 3 Credits                                                                                                 Examination of the major theories of learning and cognition.  The course will identify a variety of research tools useful in understanding thinking, learning, and teaching.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 340 Intermediate Research Methods / 3  Credits                                                                                       This course builds upon the statistical concepts acquired in Statistics and experimental methods acquired in Introduction to Research Methods.  It provides psychology students with advanced tools needed to engage in and to evaluate research specific to the social sciences.  Specifically, students will design and collect data using a variety of research methods and will analyze data employing advanced statistical analysis.  Prerequisites:  PSY 235, 240.

PSY 350 Adult Development and Aging / 3 Credits                                                                                         A study of the normal and abnormal changes in behavior that occur between early and late maturity.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 382 Topics in Psychology / 3 Credits                                                                                            Examination of selected area of psychological research or applied psychology.  Prerequisite: PSY 101.

PSY 399 Psychology International Studies Course: Variable topic / 1 Credit                                                      Studies of varying topics in psychology, including a 2-week Nichols trip.  Prerequisites will vary depending on the course topic.

PSY 410 Psychological Testing / 3 Credits                                                                                                      A study of the individual and group tests of intelligence, personality, interests and attitudes.  Prerequisite:  PSY 235, 240, 332.

PSY 443 Senior Internship / 3 Credits                                                                                                              This course is designed to be a capstone course in the major. Psychology majors will gain field experience through direct, supervised contact with professionals in psychology and related fields. In addition to on-site responsibilities, students will write a comprehensive paper integrating the field experience and psychological theory and formally present the paper in an open forum. Prerequisites and/or corequisites: PSY 235, PSY 240, PSY 332, PSY 340, and permission of instructor

PSY 450 Independent Study / Variable Credit                                                                                                A study of selected topics in Psychology.  Prerequisites:  Permission of instructor and junior or senior standing.

PSY 485 Senior Thesis I / 3 Credits                                                                                                            This course is designed to be a capstone course in the major. Students will design and conduct individual research projects that may be suitable for submission to journals or presentations at conferences. The course is seminar based, whereby students are guided through the research process on a topic of their choice, designing a study, gathering and analyzing data, and writing the results in an APA-formatted research report. Prerequisites and/or corequisites: PSY 235, PSY 240, PSY 340, and permission of instructor.

PSY 486 Senior Thesis II / 3 credits                                                                                                          This course allows students to continue to work on research they have begun in Senior Thesis. Prerequisites: PSY 485 and permission of instructor