Lyon College Mission Statement

Lyon College offers a liberal arts education of superior quality in a personalized setting. A selective, independent, undergraduate, residential teaching and learning community affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Lyon encourages the free intellectual inquiry essential to social, ethical, and spiritual growth. With a rich scholarly and religious heritage, Lyon develops, in a culture of honor, responsible citizens and leaders committed to continued personal growth and service.

Psychology Program Mission Statement

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, and the questions that psychologists focus on are relevant to modern societal issues. The mission of the psychology program at Lyon is to prepare our students for lifelong learning, thinking, and service by providing a solid liberal arts education that embraces psychological theory, methodology, ethics, and values. Additionally, we strive to prepare those students whose goal is to continue their education in graduate school or enter the workforce. To achieve these objectives, the program offers a demanding curriculum that emphasizes critical reading and thinking, research, effective speaking and writing skills, and a reverence for the multiplicity of human experiences.

Learning Goals of the Program

Lyon College Derby Center - Home to the Psychology Department


Degree Options

Faculty                        Dr. Jennifer Daniels Dr. Pat Mulick            Dr. Nikki Yonts

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