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ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology focuses on human behavior within a cultural context.  Religion, gender, social organization and subsistence are some of the topics covered in this course.

ANT 115 World Prehistory
This course examines the major cultures of the world before the advent of writing.  Archaeological issues such as the origins of agriculture and the first civilizations receive special emphasis.

ANT 140  Language and Culture
This introductory class in Anthropological Linguistics looks at language from several perspectives, ranging from phonology, the study of the smallest units of sound, to the ways people use language in varying cultural contexts. 

ANT 205  Human Origins
This course looks at several aspects of Physical Anthropology including the history of scientific thought, the fossil records, human adaptation, and micro- and macroevolution.

ANT 240 Archaeological Method and Theory
This is an examination of the historical background of the discipline of archaeology and the methods presently used in the recovery of data.

ANT 3XX Human Variation and Adaptation
This course focuses on how humans respond and adapt to the environment. Topics covered include short- and long-term changes in humans in response to behavioral and environment stresses, demography, and health-related issues.

ANT 330 Mesoamerican Archaeology
The remains of the majority of New World civilizations are found in Mesoamerica.  The course will examine the Pre-Columbian cultures of  the Olmec, Maya, and Aztec.  The history of research in the culture area, including the most recent discoveries, will be explored.

ANT 335 Cultures of Middle America
The cultures of contemporary Mexico and Central America occupy center stage in this course.  Ethnographic accounts focusing on topics such as religion, gender, immigration, and political unrest provide in-depth information on what life is like for societies south of the United States border.

ANT 382 Topics in Anthropology
This is a general course whose content changes from year to year, but will focus on a cultural issue or in-depth examination of the culture of a specific group or geographic area.  May be taken twice for credit toward and anthropology minor.  Prerequisite:  ANT 101 or permission of the instructor.

ANT 399 Anthropology International Studies Course 
Studies of varying topics in Anthropology, including a two-week Nichols trip.  Prerequisites will vary depending on the course topic.

ANT 450 Independent Study
Concentrated study in selected topic.

ANT 480 Field Study in Anthropology 
This course is designed to expose the students to anthropological research outside the classroom.  Students will learn first hand the methods utilized and potential problems that may be encountered.  Students will prepare a report regarding the complexities of applying anthropological concepts in research situations.  Prerequisite: ANT 101 and permission of instructor.